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    Soulzzz Apply for Mod Empty Soulzzz Apply for Mod

    Post  Soulzzz1 on Sun Oct 24, 2010 11:30 pm

    1) Age? - 15.
    2) How long have you been playing wonamo? - only 3 days, Im new.
    3) In-Game name? - Soulzzz
    4) Why do you want to be moderator? - I'm good Coder, Can code wat u want at server, I'm Latvian Very Happy, and you can trust me, because I never scamm, always help new ppls, always support bugs/glitches.
    5) Will you support wonamo to make it better? - of course! Wink
    6) Have you ever been a mod in other RSPS? - yes, of course in my own server, I have Moderator Status at Runescape-Vortex, ChrisisX & Admin status at PwnScape.

    I have my own server coded on 100%, from blank server, 150+ players in day, but I still better wanna play on other servers, not mine. I dont advertise sorry for that, only need to tell you about my coding Skill.

    Oh, and I going to Vote evry day, and I think I recieve my status.

    Thanks bounce
    - Soulzzz.

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