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    All Skills work, Drop rates and Shops.

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    All Skills work, Drop rates and Shops. Empty All Skills work, Drop rates and Shops.

    Post  Admin on Fri Aug 13, 2010 9:33 pm

    From now on, all skills are working on Wonamo.
    - Train farming in catherby, use ranarr seed on compost and plant it. Also need 1M cash with every plantation, to make the skill a little harder.
    - Train agility in wilderness . Its glitchy, but you can train it now (Type ::agility). Beware of PKers!

    I adjusted the drop rates to all monsters who drop good items. The items will now be dropped rarely. (From about 5% to 1%) - This is to make the game more fun!

    Also i removed all the Godswords, arma and bandos items, dfs and those from the shops and added other expensive items like Full guthix, sara, zammy and more...

    More updates to come soon! cheers
    -Owner Fuck

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